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Understanding Meta Keywords

Adding keywords using the META tag Maximum - 800 characters.

Adding keywords simply requires editing the HTML code and adding the meta tags, as in the following example. The top of a web page source code on your site might look like:

<TITLE>ACME Corporation Devices Information</TITLE>
<H1>ACME Corporation Innovative Opening Devices Information</H1>

Create a META tag with the following information:

<META name="keywords" content="brochure">

To add additional keywords:

<META name="keywords" content="brochure, widget, wholesale">

actual example

The top of your HTML document would then look like:

<TITLE>ACME Corporation Devices Information</TITLE>
<META name="keywords" content="brochure, widget, wholesale">
<H1>ACME Corporation Innovative Devices Information</H1>

Questions and answers about META keywords

Q) META keywords tag - should I use UPPERCASE, lowercase or a mixture, commas or spaces?

A) Use lowercase, separated by commas, with a space after the comma.

Q) If I have several keyword phrases in my META keywords tag that all contain the same keyword, will I get penalized? For example:

<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry"> This would represent four repetitions of the word 'jewelry'.

A) I personally do not believe in spamming or putting multiple keywords throughout the page. This is too easy to check for and the search engines are not stupid. If we can think of it they already have. Most engines only count to 2 for keywords, so why waste the keyword utilization. Put in other keywords.

Q) Will I be penalized for using the same keywords on a lot of different pages that have the same content?

A) If the pages have exactly the same content, why are they in your site? If they are all related to the same subject, they can logically have the same keywords, but the Description tag would be different.

Q) What is the optimum number of keywords before the engine gets bored?

A) It varies. Some are more easily bored than others. I don't usually repeat keywords, maybe twice for the important ones. It's better to show up adequately on all the engines than perfectly on one and badly on the rest.

Q) Will the engines treat a phrase such as handmade gifts that is written as a keyword phrase the same as if it were written as two different words? Should I write them out both ways?

A) Use: "hand made handmade gift gifts" to cover all the possible variations searchers might enter.

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