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Understanding The Flow of Internet Traffic, to Attain Website Traffic Part 2

So how do you get more than the 3 hits a day that the average website gets on the internet? You must understand links and their importance to traffic. Traffic is what feeds e-commerce, business-to-business or any Internet website for that matter and links are our signs and roadways, for visitors and robots alike, to find our sites and easily visit them. Without links, pointing to you and away from you, you are nothing.

The world is not flat, like some visionaries of old screamed. It's round, as modern day thinkers found. In the case of the internet it's multi-dimensional. Each point in space, like a planet floating in space, is virtually the same distance from each other where time and space doesn't matter, when traveling from one-to-another. That sounds like a futuristic story in another space-time continuum. Perhaps we need to use cyber-space as an explanation and use reality, as an analogy, while explaining how traffic flows through the Internet. Each website could be like a planet, a point of space in this cyber-space, not limited by time and distance. A click from one, instantly whisks you to another, similar to possible conveyances of the future, causing traffic to flow from one-to-another. The traffic from point-to-point or planet-to-planet happens along established link paths, with the larger websites, having more links pointing to them and away from them to other websites. The largest ones, like massive terminals, routing the travelers to the knowledge they seek. These websites link to others of like kind. Where Themes match and knowledge is similar to what the quester of knowledge is looking for. This is natural, where 'like' links to 'like'. To build traffic to our sites, we must began to build these terminals. These Link Way stations need to be link pages of nicely organized information.

When I am surfing the net, I save the kinds of websites containing content and links that I am looking for, into my Favorites folders, thus creating my own personal Link Directory. When I use my favorites, I am using the linking nature of the web to find new websites that I am looking for. My favorites, over time, become a personal Link Directory, organizing websites, many that have link directories of the knowledge I want. Once I have enough of these favorites, I stop going to the search engines for knowledge on these subjects because the knowledge I now have is specifically tailored for my needs. I'll only go back to the search engines when I'm researching a different Theme and start the process of collecting my Favorite links, but only if I can't find what I'm looking for, through links stored in my Favorites. I think most of us use the Internet in this fashion, don't you?

Don't just rely on a listing in the phone book to send you business. Having lots of signs pointing to your website and a clear easy path to it, will insure the thousands of new visitors will finally arrive.

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